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April Fools!
Gotcha, didn't I?
(Probably not).
Well, we all can dream...
Speaking of which, what would you actually like to see in a theoretical Adventure/02 remake?

Xros Wars Commentary
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Remember that Xros Wars commentary theegad and I did a while back?  No? Not surprising as it was only up for a week or so, until he removed it due to copyright infringement concerns.

Well, it was the whole episode, with us talking...

Anyway, I have an idea for a new format and style of said Xros Wars commentary.
Stay tuned. 

My Bad Food Purchasing Decision: Skittles Fizzles
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My gawd, I have to write this, just because they are so, so bad.

I saw these in my school's convenience store and though to myself, "Hey, new Skittles. I've always liked Skittles, so why not give these a try?"

Boy, was I wrong.

Ever been to the dentist and had your teeth cleaned?  That's what these taste like, even more than the "flavours" they are supposed to be.  They taste like baking soda, if you've ever been unfortunate enough to eat it.  No wonder, considering that one of the ingredients is sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda).

For a product called "Fizzles", I was especially disappointed as these things barely fizzle at all.  The fizzling reaction is caused by sodium bicarbonate and citric acid (an acid-base reaction).  It doesn't work.  I was expecting something along the lines of Pop Rocks like fizzling, but ended up with a mouthful of disgusting candy.

I've found that the best way to eat these is by chewing them as fast as possible.  You at least get some of the candy's intended flavour that way, and not a burst of unpleasant baking soda taste.  Don't suck on or try to savour them; you will regret it.

Well, at least my teeth will be clean.  If these weren't fully of sugar, that is. 

Digimon Fan Soundtracks
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Because I feel this tendency to repost it here.
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Subverted. (Pic-spam)
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Read this:

Ecchi-ness averted!   Lucky Star's viewer/readership drops 85%!  Profits drop as fans surge to the Internet for their fantasies!


I'm surprised this didn't happen earlier, actually.  :P

Lucky Star Review (in 300 words or less)
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Lucky Star is an ensemble comedy anime based on the manga of the same name, following the every-day occurrences of four high school girls.

Story:  There isn’t one.  It’s very Seinfeld-esque, being a show about nothing.  We see these characters and learn about them through short segments focusing on some menial aspect or everyday occurrence of life, with a few longer story sequences in some episodes.  There are a few nice moments, and some genuinely funny ones, but there is no overall plot to speak of.  I personally found the first few episodes almost painful to sit through, but it grew on me as it went on.  The references will be lost on many, especially if they haven’t seen The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (which features a lot of the same voice actors, and is more worth your time, IMO).

Sound:  There are a lot of veteran voice actors here and this is used to some humourous effect, and overall is very good. Lots and lots of talking Music wise, the background music is mostly generic and forgettable, and the show has no ending theme (instead borrowing many anime classics).  However, you owe it to yourself to watch the opening at least once.

Animation/Art: The character designs are good, but everything is else is rather generic (for about the first half, the majority of background characters aren’t people, but humanoid-shaped blobs).  It may be an artistic style, but to me, it comes off as rather low budget and lazy.  Still, it’s a comedy and there are a few nice sequences, but these are few and far between.

Overall: For veteran anime fans, who will understand the references and tropes, and of those, who are Seinfeld fans.  Otherwise, most people won’t get it.  Personally, I thought it was decent.

Rating:  6/10 (Fair)
Word Count: 298

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I don't think I've ever seen so many white boxes/spoiler-hider things while looking at Ever 17's page on TvTropes.  It's a visual novel/game (that's actually in English, surprise!) that saying anything about would likely spoil something.

That said, it's AWESOME and you should play it.  Be warned, though, the plot does mess with your mind and it's so twisty that it makes squiggles look like straight lines.   Oh and everything is important.

It's also pretty long too; there's four endings (and you have to get all of them to see the true ending) and some bad ones as well.  You might want to grab a walkthrough.  I haven't beaten it yet; I've only gotten to one of the good endings and one of the bad ones.

For my first time playing a visual novel, I did pretty badly.  Everyone had a miserable, depressing death, thanks to me.  ;_;    IT WAS SAD, OKAY? I FELT FOR THESE CHARACTERS.  AND THEN THEY DIED.  HORRIBLY and ALL ALONE.

Odd Coincidence
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I can't watch anime without watching another tv show (live action, it seems).

For whatever reason, I usually go back and forth while watching something; a few episodes of the anime, then a few of the tv show.

Even odder, they always seem to be quite similar in style and theme.

Right now, I'm watching Lucky Star.

I'm also watching 30 Rock.

Both are comedies, and Lucky Star and 30 Rock are pretty much shows about nothing.  Neither have any long-term plots and are episodic.  They have cultural references I don't always get (one, because I'm not old enough, the other, because I don't live in that country and am an otaku).  Both feature odd characters who are the stars of the show, and the focus on who switches around quite a bit. 

This doesn't seem to be a one-time thing either.
I finished Ga-Rei Zero a little while ago, and was watching the last ( ;_;) season of 24 at the same time.

Both are action/thriller shows, although Ga-Rei is supernatural, and 24 is firmly rooted in reality (or tries to be).
Both feature some-what secretive government organizations, and no one is safe in either.

Just one of those odd life things.

Food for thought:
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So I was reading Pat R (aka Pitchfork)'s Article on HardcoreGaming101 about Final Fantasy and was interested enough to read the full feature (which is very long, and very excellent, covering every game in the series, and you should go read it) on Socksmakepeoplesexy
(By this point, I'm really sick of putting in HTML links, so I'm just to get to it; this was found on his entry on Final Fantasy X-2 regarding the game as a sequel, and sequels in general.  I have never played any Final Fantasy game past VI, so I can't comment on the game itself, but I found the comment interesting.  Yes, I will stop writing and get to it.)

This was longer than I thought it was going to be...Collapse )


Comments vs. Comments
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My post in digimon about the most ridiculous scene/episode/arc in Digimon has more comments than the post about rumours of a new season (and it's just two posts down, and I remarked about it).

I want to say it is because I am so popular and loved.

A statement, but maybe people enjoy criticism and mocking more than excitement and hope for a new season that hasn't really had anything new in three years.
I bet there's something to say here about society and people but I am too lazy~

Just something that I thought was interesting.


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