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Odd Coincidence
patamon, digimon
I can't watch anime without watching another tv show (live action, it seems).

For whatever reason, I usually go back and forth while watching something; a few episodes of the anime, then a few of the tv show.

Even odder, they always seem to be quite similar in style and theme.

Right now, I'm watching Lucky Star.

I'm also watching 30 Rock.

Both are comedies, and Lucky Star and 30 Rock are pretty much shows about nothing.  Neither have any long-term plots and are episodic.  They have cultural references I don't always get (one, because I'm not old enough, the other, because I don't live in that country and am an otaku).  Both feature odd characters who are the stars of the show, and the focus on who switches around quite a bit. 

This doesn't seem to be a one-time thing either.
I finished Ga-Rei Zero a little while ago, and was watching the last ( ;_;) season of 24 at the same time.

Both are action/thriller shows, although Ga-Rei is supernatural, and 24 is firmly rooted in reality (or tries to be).
Both feature some-what secretive government organizations, and no one is safe in either.

Just one of those odd life things.

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30 Rock is extremely entertaining and funny. Sometimes I think its a bit rushed, but still very good.

It reminds me of The Office in that its humor is all about awkward situations and highly exaggerated character mannerisms.

I do like 30 Rock (have watched almost the entire series so far this summer) and it reminds me of Scrubs in some ways because of its comedic style.

For whatever reason, I've never been that interested in the office.

And Lucky Star, while not as entertaining or funny as 30 Rock (the first three episodes nearly bored me to tears), it does share the highly exaggerated character mannerisms and awkward, I mean everyday normal situations of 30 Rock.

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