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patamon, digimon
I don't think I've ever seen so many white boxes/spoiler-hider things while looking at Ever 17's page on TvTropes.  It's a visual novel/game (that's actually in English, surprise!) that saying anything about would likely spoil something.

That said, it's AWESOME and you should play it.  Be warned, though, the plot does mess with your mind and it's so twisty that it makes squiggles look like straight lines.   Oh and everything is important.

It's also pretty long too; there's four endings (and you have to get all of them to see the true ending) and some bad ones as well.  You might want to grab a walkthrough.  I haven't beaten it yet; I've only gotten to one of the good endings and one of the bad ones.

For my first time playing a visual novel, I did pretty badly.  Everyone had a miserable, depressing death, thanks to me.  ;_;    IT WAS SAD, OKAY? I FELT FOR THESE CHARACTERS.  AND THEN THEY DIED.  HORRIBLY and ALL ALONE.


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